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27 November 2007 @ 12:30 am
[picspam and thoughts] Life 1x01 - Merit Badge - Part I  
Squee! NBC has picked up Life for a full season! I am deliriously happy about this development. vonnie_k     did a wonderful picspam about Life (and she should picspam all the time because look what happens? Life gets a new lease on.. uh, life) and in honor of this occasion I'll have a picspam of my own.

Let's start at the beginning.

After getting out of prison Charlie Crews gets a hefty but undisclosed amount of money from the City of LA and a shiny new badge as detective for the LAPD. Something that most cops, especially Crew's boss is not too keen about suspecting that Crews might have a hidden agenda for coming back.

Crews is partnered with Dani Reese. Earlier in the episode Crews starts asking Reese what she did to end up being partnered with him but unlike Crews Reese refuses to get drawn into the 'What are you in for?' dialogue. We'll later learn that the reason why Reese is babysitting Crews is because she's also under probation, she's at the bottom of the list because she's a recovering drug addict. She accepts this reasoning and thinks that the best way to weather this storm is to keep her head down, do her job well and be whiter than white. The question is, how many people knew about Reese's drug habit? After re-watching this episode I get the feeling the other cops weren't just looking at Crews they were also looking at Reese.

I'm not entirely sure but my theory is that Reese returned to the force only a month or two earlier than Crews, she doesn't seem to be close to anyone in the department except for Lt. Davis who (from their discussion) was both a family friend and mentor.

I like that despite her first impression of Crews she was still thoughtful enough to think how Crews would take the his first case.

Crews shows off his leaps of logic, earning him a 'WTF?' look from the uniformed officers. Reese is more curious about her new partner's reactions.

Crews and Reese's first intense look! I love how much light this series has, usually other cop shows would be all about the filters, dark colors and noir but Rand Ravich (executive producer and creator) apparently instructed the director that Life was going to be full of light. It is after all a story about redemption and new beginnings.

But then Crews goes on to annoy Reese with the thoughtless comment to the wife and then he hugs her in the middle of the station (in an effort to get the kid Reese was interviewing to relax), fortunately for him it worked.

Crews's ex-partner show-up and proceeded to loom/leer over Reese, I love that Reese didn't even give a crap. She was more interested in munching food. Because she knows she was awesome.

Although, she is far from perfect, so, so very far from perfect. Sometime before the series started Reese had a drug habit, she's been clean for 21 months now but it seems she's not as clean as she'd like other people think she is.

Guy: Do you want to know my name?
Dani: If I wanted to know your name, I'd have asked for it.
Guy: [confused] So, you're not gonna call?
Dani: I can't call if I don't know your name.

To deal with the 'downtime' as one creepy villain said, Reese turns to sex and alcohol. But one thing cool about her is that she never lets her personal problems crossover into her work. Too many shows have their characters bringing their personal issues into their work, it was refreshing that Dani isn't the same.

Unfortunately, her lieutenant also has an agenda of her own. It turns out one of the reasons why Lt. Davis partnered Reese with Crews was so Reese can report any misconduct to her and in so doing remove Crews from active duty. Reese is reluctant to rat out Crews but Davis continues on on how this would be great for her career until Reese caves and reports that Crews warned a suspect about a police search. She's really not to happy about this.

Reese seems pretty open about her addiction to Lt. Davis, I think Davis was one of the people who helped her with rehab and return to the Force. Reese seemed genuinely happy talking to Davis, Davis even tells Dani about her family missing her.

Dani is more skeptical about her father missing her, Davis defends her father saying she survived being partner with him for three years.

"Partners aren't parents, Lieutenant," Dani answers. Their conversation is amicable and then Davis brings up Crews. Reese becomes upset when she realizes Davis wanted her to rat on her partner.  Even though Reese does report on Crews, Davis' plan ultimately backfires.

Through the course of episode, Crews slowly wins Reese over despite the number of times she finds him exasperating and annoying.

I love how this scene was shot. I also like how compassionate Charlie was to the grieving mother, I think even Reese was surprised.

Reese was impressed how Charlie handled the prison guards bullying him. I love her little 'You are so pwned' look.

Reese: "Why exactly would the universe make fun of us?"
Crews: "Maybe it's insecure."

Heh. I love the way Reese stops midway and stares at Crews. I love this partnership so.

Edited: Added more pictures to the post.

Part II
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