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13 January 2017 @ 11:43 pm
January Talking Meme #8 - What would your fantasy sixth season of Person of Interest been like?  

for @netgirl-y2k

This took me a lot longer to answer because it really forced me to think what I'd want in a sixth season of Person of Interest, like if I had the energy to write a virtual season or even a wish list for what a sixth season would look like:

  • Exploring the world Harold Finch left behind, a little like what happened in Mr. Robot season 2 but this time from a point of view of the hackers who are waking up to the prospect that something really weird happened. Conspiracy theories abound: About the missile that hit downtown New York, about the mysterious billboard messages in Time's Square.
  • Weird things keep popping up, whispers about a prison in Johannesburg that was discovered to run illegal tests on people, and a possible emergent AI. One group, in particular, is running around proclaiming the Robot Overlords have arrived, they hack people and play Robin Hood.
  • Exploration of Sameen Shaw as both Primary Asset and Primary Analog Interface, and the mysterious leader of Team Machine, International (ala Leverage Inc, International) but Shaw doesn't interfere unless she needs to. She only steps in when it's needed, mostly she's okay running her own missions, primarily making sure Samaritan hold outs are taken out. 
  • Shaw and the Machine | Root are still navigating their relationship. The Machine is 99% Root except for the .1% that isn't. They clash a lot more because the Machine might know Shaw but Shaw can be stubborn and sometimes Shaw wants to do things her way, like, for example shooting at people. She doesn't need help pinpointing weaknesses nor trajectories. Also, she will not get into any self-driving cars, thank you.
  • The Machine is also having a bit of an identity crisis because she integrated Root's personality 99% but she still, in some version of AI grief, misses Root (taking on Root's identity).
  • Shaw is bemused that the Machine | Root seems to be going through her version of stages of grief.
  • The Machine directed Shaw to a Number, there was a chase through a graveyard and Shaw she found herself flat on her back and staring at a headstone of one Sgt. John _____ US, Army. Shaw disposed of the Number then she glared at a camera and said: "You could've just said something instead of making me sprint after the goddamned Number."

Later that day Shaw tossed a steak sandwich to the newly retired Fusco. Fusco joked about getting food on his tie. It was several bites in when Shaw spoke: "Do you want to know about John?"

"I figured, you'd tell me."

So Shaw did.  

Shaw visited Zoe, Zoe took one look at Shaw and knew and let her in wordlessly. They shared a bottle of whiskey and played cards.

  • Control appears out of nowhere, and after a thorough de-brief, and psych eval resumes her work, Senator Garrison tried to block her re-appointment but Control won. The Northern Lights project was back online with a few more restrictions placed so a Samaritan situation will never happen again.

Shaw drops by into her office just to show Control she can, Control raised her eyebrow at the intrusion. She knows Shaw won't be seen by any surveillance camera and it would be fruitless to call security.

"Now you owe us a favor."

  • The vacuum left by Samaritan controlled gangs begins to present itself, Dominic's gang with the leadership of Floyd comes out on top. Shaw makes sure to keep an eye on Floyd.
  • The hacker group from earlier gets into trouble from some surviving group of Samaritan loyalists, in particular, a young talented girl called Rachel. Rachel gets cornered she's sure she's about to die when a dog viciously attacks one of the gunmen, and the others gets their ass kicked by a whirlwind.

The hacker gapes. Her savior is her new neighbor, Sam.

"Come with me if you want to live."*

And that's how Team Machine Alpha gets a new hacker.

*even if i believe that terminator doesn’t exist in poi-verse, shaw would be the kind of dork who’ll say this.

Basically season 6 is re-adjusting to the different world order and people a little more aware that there is something weird going on. I go back and forth on the Big Bad for season 6, some loyalists from Samaritan maybe? 

One thing’s for sure, I want Shaw to navigate her way as the new team lead and also inherit a lot of money. One thing I missed during season 4 and 5 was Harold doing something ridiculous like buying 2 companies to secure a cover, or help a Number get a job. 

Also, Shaw and the Machine navigate their dynamic because I think Shaw ended up being okay with the Machine | Root blending but there’s still things to work out. Especially since the Machine never used to communicate with Shaw. 

And, while Root and the Machine had disagreements a lot of the time Root follows the Machine, meanwhile, especially after Samaritan, Shaw would be more inclined to ask ‘why’ before doing anything. 

I would also like an arc where the Machine will struggle with their identity. 

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