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life with coffee spoons


me me me
fangirl. filipina. tv addict. reader.

tv serials, books, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, heroines, heroes, kevlars, procedurals, fanfiction, fan vids

aeryn sun, buffy summers, dana scully, dani reese, death (sandman), galadriel, irina derevko, liz lemon, lois lane, nadia santos, olivia dunham, rose tyler, tina fey, ziva david, zoe washburne

30 rock, angel, blood ties, bones, buffy, doctor who, firefly, farscape, fringe, life, ncis, smallville, the x-files,


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open friending policy, friend me, don't friend me we're all good.

30 rock, a.s. byatt, aeryn sun, aj hall, akane, angel the series, anime, anna torv, aragorn, arthur/guinevere, batgirl, batman, billie piper, brittany s. pierce, brittany/santana, bruce wayne, buffy the vampire slayer, capoeira, cassandra cain, catwoman, charlie crews, christopher eccleston, clamp, clark/lois, clive owen, commodore norrington, crews and reese, damian lewis, dani reese, death, delirium, desire, despair, destiny, destruction, detective reese, doctor who, doctor/rose, dorothy dunnett, dream, erica durance, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, firefly, fringe, galadriel, gerard butler, glee, gosford park, guinevere, guinevere/arthur, guy gavriel kay, heather morris, hemo, hermione, irina derevko, irulan corrino, irulan corrino-atreides, jack bristow, jack davenport, james norrington, john crichton, joss whedon, jrr tolkien, keira knightely, kevlar, kevlar lust, kill bill, king arthur, lancelot, life (nbc), life tv, liz lemon, lois lane, lord of the rings, lust over pendle, mal reynolds, mamoru, manga, minako, mulder, mulder and scully, naya rivera, nbc's life, neil gaiman, nick hornby, ninth doctor, ninth doctor/rose, noir, obi-wan kenobi, olivia dunham, oracle, patricia mckillip, peter pan, phantom of the opera, prisoner of azkaban, queen guinevere, rachel hurd-wood, rand ravich, ranma, ranma and akane, reading and eating, reese and crews, riddle master trilogy, rose tyler, rose/doctor, rose/ninth doctor, royal tenebaums, sailor moon, sailor v, sailor venus, sandman, santana lopez, santana/brittany, sarah shahi, scully, skip beat, slayers, smallville lois, swords, the endless, the saotome gambit, tina fey, veronica mars, writing, xxxholic, yuko ichihara, yuuko ichihara


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